Pritzker museum announces Cold War Veterans Memorial concept contest

Kenosha News Online 

An international design competition has been launched by the Pritzker Military Museum & Library located in Chicago to choose the concept for the new Cold War Veterans Memorial in Somers.

The memorial is projected to be a critical piece of the Pritzker Archives and Memorial Park Center currently under development. Design submissions will be accepted until June 15.

The Memorial is to be a permanent area of recognition that stimulates ongoing thought and that honors American military and civilians who served and sacrificed during theCold War era (1945-1991). In line with the Pritzker Military Museum & Library’s mission, the Cold War Veterans Memorial aims to increase the public understanding of military history.

“The memorial will be a publicly accessible display where citizens can honor, reflect and learn about the bravery and sacrifice displayed to further the freedom that our country enjoys,” said Donald J. Stastny, competition manager. “The contestants will be required to provide a conceptual design that not only embraces the mission and vision of the Memorial, but also serves as a visual attraction for future visitors.”

Design Competition

The design competition is a juried, two-stage process lasting from April to October,with the results announced publicly in November.

Stage I is an open call for design concepts for the memorial, which will be submittedelectronically. The jury will evaluate the concepts in a blind review and select four to six finalists to participate in Stage II.

In Stage II, the selected finalists will evolve their concepts for the memorial to create fully defined designs.

Information on the design competition, including the design manual, process, regulations, and directions on how to submit designs, can be found at

Campus in Somers

The Somers center was created out of a need for additional space to house some of the circulating book collection and the archival collections of the Pritzker Military Museum & Library and will be completed in phases over an estimated 10 years.

The first phase of the project will include the Pritzker Military Archives Center to house the collections and provide workspace for the continued curation for future exhibits; Commercial Archives based on demand where private collectors, public institutions, and others may store their archives; the Midwest Firearms Education & Training Center; a Community Green Space expertly landscaped with walking and biking paths; and the Cold War Veterans Memorial.