In an effort to provide a fundamental understanding of the Cold War to Competition Participants, the Pritzker Military Museum and Library enlisted three separate Advisory Committees to individually and collectively define potential themes and issues that provide design guidance.


  • COL (IL) Jennifer Pritzker, ARNG (Ret.) Founder and CEO Pritzker Archives and Memorial Park Center 
  • MG James Mukoyama, USA (Ret.) Board Member Pritzker Military Museum & Library 
  • BG Clara Adams-Ender, ANC (Ret.) Army Nurse Corps 
  • BG Julia Cleckley, USA (Ret.) Women’s Army Corps/Army National Guard 
  • COL Christopher Costa, USA, (Ret.) Executive Director International Spy Museum 
  • COL Joseph Curtin, USA (Ret.) Director, National Veterans Outreach United States Department of Veterans Affairs 
  • COL Allan Millett, USMC (Ret.) Historian, The University of New Orleans 
  • ADM Cecil Haney, USN (Ret.) Former Commander (USSTRATCOM) 
  • VADM Ann Rondeau, Ed.D. USN (Ret.) President, Naval Postgraduate School 
  • RADM Robert R. Fountain, Jr., US Navy (Ret.) Gen. Merrill McPeak, 
  • USAF (Ret.) Air Force Chief of Staff 1990-1994 Lt. 
  • Gen. Robert Hinson, USAF (Ret). Executive Director  National Strategic Research Institute University of Nebraska 
  • RADM Richard Schneider, USCGR (Ret.) President Emeritus Norwich University 
  • Edwin Fountain, Esq. General Counsel American Battle Monuments Commission 
  • Mark Kramer, Ph.D. Cold War Historian Harvard University 
  • Christian Ostermann, Ph.D. Director, History and Public Policy Program Woodrow Wilson Center 
  • Adam Howard, Ph.D. Adjunct Professor of History and International Affairs George Washington University 


  • Christopher Kolakowski Director Wisconsin Veterans Museum
  • Christopher Sturtevant Author, Cold War Wisconsin and Cold War Illinois Chairman, Cold War Museum-Midwest Chapter US Air Force Veteran
  • Carl A. Bogar, Jr., MA USMC & USAR Veteran Founder, Historic Military Impressions American Legion Kenosha County Council
  • Shaun Stoeger, USA Veteran State Tribal Liaison Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs 


  • Jean Mansavage, Ph.D. Senior Historian United States Air Force
  • Edward Nevgloski, Ph.D. Director, Marine Corps History Division United States Marine Corps.
  • David Hogan, Jr. Ph.D. Director of Histories United States Army Center of Military History Curtis A. Utz OPNAV Historian Naval History and Heritage Command
  • David Rosen, Ph.D. U.S. Coast Guard Historian’s Office United States Coast Guard
  • David Sherman, Ph.D. National Security Agency (Ret.)
  • Christopher Ghiz Command Historian Office of Army Reserve History
  • Donald Boyd, Ph.D. Command Historian United States Air Force Reserve History Office
  • Jeffrey Seiken, Ph.D. Historian Veterans Benefits Administration Department of Veterans Affairs
  • David Crist, Ph.D. Historian 

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