Q12: Will you make drawings or models for the Archives Center available? Knowing the height and dimensions of that project will help inform the massing for the memorial.

A12: Yes, a PDF drawing showing the overall dimensions of the Archives Center has been added to the Memorial Site page of the website.

Q11: Can you provide a topographical plan for the PAMPC site?

A11: Yes, topography is included in the downloadable site plan files that were added to the Memorial Site page of the website.

Q10: Is there a plan of the site available for download in .dwg file format?

A10: Yes, downloadable PDF and DWG files of the site have been added to the Memorial Site page of the website.

Q9: The site plan and section show the types of grasses in different locations. Can you please clarify?

A9: The site section was correct and the plan was labeled incorrectly. This has been fixed on the website and in the Competition Manual. The green colored circle is Little Bluestem Grass and the yellow circle is Karl Foerster Grass.

Q8: Is the CWVM site set inside the 400’ Diameter Circle or can it be placed or placed in part outside the given Circular Path? Can the planned landscape pattern for the site be in any way changed?

A8:  The PAMPC Archives building and its immediate surrounding landscape is under construction and will not change. The circular form and pathway of the memorial site may be modified in the Concept Submission. Also refer to Q&A #7.

Q7: If the designer has a compelling reason to propose a different location on the PAMPC complex campus or a shift away from the 400″ diameter circle, would that be considered by the sponsor?

A7: The site plan provided in the Competition Manual indicates a general location for the memorial that is a part of the adopted overall PAMPC master plan. The Design Goals were crafted to support the specified location. The Jury will be asked to make its evaluation based on the location and goals as listed in the Design Program. Any proposed deviation to the siting of the memorial and any suggested changes to the landscape are up to the designer to justify as part of the Concept Submission.

Q6: Can you please provide the size of the screen that will be used to view the competition submissions?

A6: No, because the Jurors will be viewing the submittals remotely on their own devices, which will vary in size.

Q5: Does the file have to contain a single table or more? Can you choose the size of the table by yourself or are there predefined dimensions?

A5: The required PDF must be a single page (table) no larger than 30” x 40” in landscape format (per section 7.3 of the Regulations in the Competition Manual. Multiple page documents will not be accepted.

Q4: What is the height restriction of the structure?

A4: Height is dictated by the Airport Overlay Restrictions due to proximity to Kenosha Airport. Our site restriction is no taller than 856’ elevation, which limits the height of structures to approximately 75 feet.

Q3: What is the budget for this project?

A3: The budget has not been determined. Section 8 of the Regulations in the Competition Manual states that Stage II participants will include a detailed construction budget appropriate to the design as part of their submissions, which will aid in the preparation of the overall project budget once a final design is selected.

Q2: Since I do not live in the United States, am I eligible for this competition? If yes, then I understand that in moving forward to the second round I will have to pair up with someone who has an office and architecture license in the USA. Would I have to find that concerned person myself or would you pair us up?

A2: Per section 10 of the Regulations in the Competition Manual, you do not have to reside in the United States to participate in Stage I. Participants who are invited to participate in Stage II who do not have a U.S. office and professional license will be required to associate with an individual or firm who does. The Competition Manager may provide assistance in locating appropriate teaming opportunities, but any association formed is solely up to the participant.

Q1: Is there any entry fee for the competition?

A1: Yes, section 5.3 of the Regulations in the Competition Manual states, “An entry fee of $100 must be paid for each Design Entry at the time of submittal.


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